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20.01.2018    21.00h    Open Mic with Jalo Set

09.02.2018    21.00h    Kompulsive (Électro/Pop/Alternative Rock)

23.02.2018    21.00h    Kris Krysinski (Rock/Pop Cover)

24.02.2018    20.30h    Peter & Zsófia's Party (Pop/Blues/Jazz)

02.03.2018    21.00h    Antonio Bellomo & Christos Liouris (Rock Cover: NIN, Simple Minds,...)

16.03.2018    22.00h    Karaoke (More than 40 000 songs)

23.03.2018    21.00h    Nomade Slang (Reggae-Rock-Gypsy)

30.03.2018    21.00h    Karaoke Johnny Hallyday Special (To sing, please contact CL Karaoke with songname and telephone number. Tel: 691 340 331)

31.03.2018    21.00h    Ravensong (Rock)

06.04.2018    21.00h    Matt Dawson (Blues)

20.04.2018    21.00h    Blazon Fire. Support: Ted Is dead (Glam Metal)

04.05.2018    21.00h    Venus in the Dust (Rock Trio)

25.05.2018    21.00h    PKRK (Punk Rock)

08.06.2018    21.00h    Adriano Trindade (Brazilian Jazz Musician, played a lot of jazz festivals)

15.06.2018    21.00h    Enzo Gutti (Soul/Pop/Rock)

07.07.2018    20.30h    Andrei Senkevich (Singer-Songwriter/Indie-Folk from Minsk, Belarus)

13.07.2018    21.00h    Awei Blues Experience (Blues)

20.07.2018    21.00h    Missiles of October (Rock/Sludge/Stoner/Punk)

03.08.2018    21.00h    Seattle Head (90's cover: Alice in Chains, Foo Fighters,...)

17.08.2018    21.00h    Letterbomb (Punk-Rock from Bertrix en Ardennes)

07.09.2018    21.00h    Sean Taylor (Blues/Folk from London)

28.09.2018    21.00h    Replay (Pop/Rock)

13.10.2018    21.00h    Old N' Glam (Glam Metal, Nu-Glam)








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